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About us


Company Name: Tabone Computer Centre Limited
Address: Old Railway Track,
  Santa Venera. SVR 9019
VAT Number: MT10546403
Company Registration Number: C12340
Telephone Number: 21 44 44 12



Tabone Computer Centre Ltd has been established in the IT scene since 1982; making the Company one of the first computer suppliers on the island. Operating from Santa Venera, the Company has always endeavoured to ensure that it served its ever increasing client base with top quality IT products and services. Over the years it has grown from strength to strength venturing forth with determination, from the initial home PC into providing and maintaining commercial networks and systems.

Tabone Computer Centre Ltd‘s vast range of top brands products represented by the Company is very well displayed and is readily available from the Company’s spacious and central showroom sited also in Santa Venera. Customers are served by professional IT assistants who are readily available to help and advise clients, who are also able to view demonstrations of software and the widest selection of hardware imaginable.

Clients are able to view high quality and guaranteed products imported by the Company from IT manufacturer’s of repute which include DYNABOOK TOSHIBA Laptops and accessories, CHUWI Laptops, Tablets and PC’s, STAR MICRONICS Printers, Metrologic Bar-Code-Readers and Scanners, as well as a wide range of office equipment, together with computer office furniture, including desks and other ancillary equipment. The Company boasts itself as being a one-stop shop for all IT requirements covering computers, computer accessories and networking. All equipment supplied by Tabone Computer Centre Ltd is thoroughly tested and supplied to the client with a warranty.

Over the years Tabone Computer Centre Limited has been proud to have been of service to thousands of Clients – these consist of home users as well as Government Ministries and Departments, Commercial and Business Organisations, Educational Institutions and Banks and included amongst many others Bank of Valletta, HSBC and Barclays Bank.

However the largest project undertaken was the setup and maintenance remains of the internet service system. This was 100% designed and set up by Maltese engineers employed by Tabone Computer Centre. This was a huge task and included the installation and integration of a big number of servers, better referred to as a server-farm, to serve Malta’s biggest number of users in a private company, on a 24 hour, 7 day-a-week basis,. This task included the development of top-grade, high-tech software to automate several management tasks. This included the development of secure systems to allow payments to be made over the internet as well as on–line credit card Bank verification system which was the first to be developed and deployed in Malta.

Today we continue to offer tailor made solutions for Wi-Fi coverage in Businesses and Hotels covering managed solutions for a range from a few connections to thousands of users at the same time.

Networking over the internet always offer a challenge for security and this was always a priority factor for applications running over the internet.

Tabone Computer Centre have established a strong Software development team which over the years has gained a high degree of experience and top-notch reputation world-wide. Several software packages are distributed worldwide and these include software to print bar-coding systems, sign-writing software as well as server management systems.         

No Organisation would be able to function and provide a proper service without a top class Technical Department It is considered as the pivot of the Company. Tabone Computer Centre Ltd is proud to have forming part of its organisation a highly trained and motivated six man team of technical staff ably led by the Company’s Technical Manager. The Company ensures that the Technical Team receives on-going local and foreign training in order to provide the best service to all its clients. This division is also a Certified International Dynabook Toshiba Laptops Computer Service Centre which means that anybody who purchased a Dynabook Toshiba Laptop from anywhere in the world, including Maltese and foreigner nationals, are able to get a top class after-sales service in Malta.